Five rules for a future-ready hiring process

Here are five tips for organisations grappling with how modernise their their recruitment processes and continue to attract the best talent.
By: | April 22, 2019


About the Author

Laurel Reitman is General Manager of Dynamics 365 for Talent at Microsoft. Learn more about  to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent here.

The way we work has not kept up with the pace of change in the world today.

We have seen an exponential growth of digital connectivity, devices, technology, and data.

And yet, our workplaces and workforces still operate according to the early 20th-century assembly line models of repetition, efficiency, and scale.

Modern workplaces are more than just exceptional places to work—they are cultures where people are inspired and empowered to innovate, create, and collaborate.

Achieving this vision requires HR to build a modern workforce—bringing together people to pursue their passions and realise their purpose.

A modern workforce is made up of people with the right skills and capabilities, in the right places, at the right time. And this all starts with your talent acquisition team re-imagining your hiring process.

Here are five new rules of a modern hiring experience for you to consider:


1) Your culture is your employer brand

Attracting the right people to your company starts with defining your culture and bringing it to life. Modern workers are looking to work at companies with an aligned purpose where they can live their passion.

Ensure your culture comes to life during your hiring process and look for people who not only have the right skills but also live your corporate ideals and values.


2) Job posts and applications are advertising

Typically, the number one visited page on your website is going to be your Career site – creating an ideal advertising platform.

Your job posts are no longer just about attracting a person with the right skills. They should highlight who you are as a company, show your differentiation, and advertise the value of the products and services you offer.

Job posts and the application process form the first impression for candidates. You want readers and potential candidates to have a clear view of the role, your culture, and how they can grow their career at your company.


3) Your candidate experience is marketing

With talent shortages predicted for skilled knowledge workers across every industry, it’s no longer enough to just post jobs.

Just like you need to build a sales pipeline with demand generation campaigns, you need to build talent pipelines with an extraordinary experience to win top talent.

If that’s not enough, most candidates who don’t hear back on a job application say they would not recommend a company’s product or service.

As your recruiters and hiring team are interacting with candidates they are forming an impression of your company and brand.

It’s imperative to deliver a transparent, engaging experience for all applicants—especially those who aren’t a good fit for the role.

Ultimately, just like successful marketing creates brand value, successful recruiting will build brand ambassadors through the candidate experience.


4) Interviews are selling

If the beginning of your hiring process is equivalent to attracting new customers, the interview phase is where the selling begins.

It’s no longer enough to get top talent in the door, you need to focus on winning the right candidate. Most companies today spend more time on scheduling interviews, then they do on executing them.

Interviews filled with skills or problem-solving questions are a thing of the past—leave those questions for pre-interview assessments.

Focus your critical interview time on getting to know the candidate and letting them get to know what success would look like in the open role.


5) The hiring process does not end when the offer is signed

Your talent acquisition strategy should not end at the offer phase. Ensure candidates understand how they will be set up for success through your on-boarding experience.

And provide them with career development guides and access to your learning experience.

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