More employees working onsite amidst return to office mandates

More leaders are urged to create positive hybrid work experiences to encourage more people back to the office, as the number of people working onsite rises.
By: | December 5, 2023

C-suite leaders and managers should reconsider and explore how to meet the new expectations employees have concerning flexible work arrangements alongside the productivity targets as set by organisations, in lieu of more organisations announcing office attendance mandates.

A new report released by JLL, a global commercial real estate and investment management organisation, seeks to discuss and share the best practices to get employees back to work onsite and maintain the flexibilities offered by remote work. It surveyed more than 20,000 employees and over 200 decision-makers in the corporate real estate industry.

On average, employees across the world are spending just over three days in the office. Countries in the Asia-Pacific region like India, South Korea, and Taiwan are seeing an average of four days working onsite. Countries like Singapore (3.8 days) are seeing attendance days closer to the global average, despite still having a higher number of attendance days than most markets. Overall, more employers are expecting employees to work onsite, with office attendance expected to rise incrementally through the end of the year.

The report also showed the importance of working onsite in the office, with employers seeing it as a significant contributor to productivity, social connection, and cultural bonds among employees. Employers are thus developing several opportunities to enhance employee engagement and productivity that boost the physical office as a hub to socialise, grow, and support employees.

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“Ultimately, our research finds that the majority of global workers continue to crave a destination for human connection, so creating dynamic spaces that satisfy a mix of collaborative and focused work needs will ultimately be the most effective strategy to enticing employees to the office on a regular basis,” said Susheel Koul, Chief Executive Officer, Work Dynamics, Asia-Pacific for JLL.