Multiplier streamlines onboarding process for remote hires

The Multiplier platform feature simplifies the logistics of IT equipment and helps employers overcome the challenges of hiring internationally.
By: | September 21, 2022

Multiplier has integrated a new IT assets and equipment feature into its employment platform to simplify the logistics of IT equipment for companies that hire abroad. The purchase, setup and return of assets such as laptops, monitors, headsets, and more can all be automated by this function, described by Multiplier as the first of its kind.

Users can choose from an online hardware catalogue that is accessible to employees globally via a cloud service, where local prices and availability are displayed in real-time. Employers can then browse the catalogue and order the devices they require for their jobs on a self-service basis without having to expend the cost upfront and wait for a reimbursement.

This allows companies to keep track of invoice payments, delivery status, and the serial number and model of the equipment that has been acquired and assigned to each employee, all in one single-view dashboard.

Vamsi Krishna, Co-founder and CPO at Multiplier, said, “With our all-new IT assets and equipment feature, customers can streamline the onboarding process which supports employee engagement and retention, all whilst leaving the hassle of logistics and reimbursements to us.”

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Employers may submit a request to order a laptop model or other equipment that is not readily available on the platform. Multiplier added that it can service any commercially available laptop model, subject to availability.

Founded in 2020, Multiplier supports over 150 entities worldwide and streamlines the employment process by managing the complexities of local labour laws, compliance, employment contracts, payroll, benefits, taxes and more through its SaaS solution. Its laptop feature is currently available in more than 55 countries across Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the US, and Latin America.