Myanmar to train workers for Thai fisheries

A new agreement between Myanmar and Thailand will provide a legal pathway for trained fisheries workers to gain employment in Thailand.
By: | September 10, 2018

Myanmar is ready to provide training and special courses to residents who want to work in Thailand’s fisheries industry to ensure that they enter the country legally.

The move comes after the Thai Minister of Labour visited the country and invited more than 60,000 Myanmar workers to legally work in Thailand’s fishery industry.

Myanmar and Thailand signed a memorandum of understanding to make the deal official, but Thailand requires Myanmar applicants to undergo training and special courses.

It will be the first time that Myanmar sends workers to Thailand’s fisheries industry, although a number of its people are already working there illegally.

Aye Aye Moe, director of Migrant Workers Division at the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population in Myanmar, said the agreement ensures that Myanmar nationals working in Thailand will get benefits, and that their rights are protected.

The ministry is setting up one-stop centres in Kawhaung and Ranaung to train the workers.