New JobStreet platform offers workforce support

The COVID-19 Jobs and Resource Hub offers a knowledge base for both employer and employees dealing with the impact of the pandemic.
By: | April 24, 2020

With Singapore’s ‘circuit breaker’ measures now extended to June 1, companies and workers are facing more uncertainty and disruption as they adapt to a rapidly changing workforce environment.

To help navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19, JobStreet has launched their COVID-19 Jobs and Resource Hub, a microsite designed to work as a knowledge base for both employers and employees with useful tools and tips that will be progressively updated.

These include listings for fast-fill jobs to help workers whose jobs have been affected by COVID-19 to earn some supplementary income. And while the pandemic is continuing to place a huge financial burden on many businesses, there are still a wide variety of companies in Singapore actively hiring, JobStreet highlighted.

There are also resources to help individuals navigate their job search, unemployment and changes during COVID-19. These include tips on how to prepare for a virtual job interview, how to work from home with kids, and how to overcome unproductivity.

For employers, JobStreet offers tools and insights on how to adapt business during these challenging times. These include advice on how to ensure adequate cybersecurity measures to safeguard company data in a remote work setting, how to on-board new hires during this period, and ways to engage remote employees.