Organisations in Indonesia urged to foster workplace gender equality

The country’s Ministry of Manpower is continuing to advocate for regulations that combat workplace harassment and promote women's empowerment.
By: | May 31, 2023

In a bid to address the challenges and discrimination faced by women in the workplace, Indonesia’s Minister of Manpower, Ida Fauziyah, has called upon organisations to prioritise the creation of an inclusive work environment.

The minister’s statement comes in light of findings from the National Work Force Survey conducted in February 2023, which revealed a significant 29% gap in women’s labour force participate rate (54.42%) compared to men’s (83.98%).

Wage discrepancy and limited social security protection were also identified as issues for women in the workforce. To address these challenges, the Ministry of Manpower is committed to leading the National Non-Discrimination Movement at Work, said Fauziyah. Efforts are underway to develop ministerial decrees that provide guidelines for preventing and addressing sexual violence in the workplace with the aim of eliminating harassment and violence and creating a safe and secure working environment.

“The regulation will encourage organisations to provide facilities that support women’s empowerment in the workplace, such as the provision of lactation rooms and childcare as part of the programme for enforcing women’s work norms,” she explained.

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Furthermore, the Ministry of Manpower will continue to support the drafting and ratification of bills that empower and protect women, such as the Mother and Child Welfare Bill and the Domestic Worker Protection Bill. According to Fauziyah, these regulations will ensure equal opportunities and treatment for all employees, irrespective of gender and emphasised that non-discrimination and harassment-free environments are fundamental rights that all employees deserve, reported Antara.