PeopleStrong establishes regional office in Singapore

PeopleStrong has established its regional office in Singapore, with the aim of covering all the major countries of Asia-Pacific.
By: | February 20, 2019


In its bid to cover all the major countries of the Asia-Pacific, PeopleStrong has established its regional office in Singapore. 

“We are excited about entering into the [Asia-Pacific] market,” said Shelly Singh, co-founder and Chief Business Officer of PeopleStrong.

“Our many firsts with large enterprise customers and a user-focused approach have been the hallmark of PeopleStrong’s growth, and we look forward to powering the enterprises in Asia Pacific as they redefine the digital experiences at work.”

As part of the regional office launch, the HR technology firm also announced two key appointments in Singapore: Ankur Sehgal as the Regional Director – HCM Business and Adrian Tan as Regional Leader – Client Solutioning.

Sehgal and Tan will lead the company’s presence in the region.


Open connected technology at work

With the aim of removing the rigidities that are currently synonymous with traditional enterprise technologies, PeopleStrong also launched four new products at its recent annual launch event.

“We have always believed that any technology which adds complexities to the user’s life is not worth it. The new world of work needs products which are open to connect and integrate with other apps and can provide a unified view to the users, be it in the form of data or experience,” said co-founder and CEO Pankaj Bansal.

The new products are:

  •  Alt Messenger, which helps teams connect and collaborate;
  • Alt Analytics, which looks to provide a comprehensive view of business data from multiple sources and actionable insights;
  • Alt Builder, through which business users can create their apps on the go without having to depend on any developers;
  • PeopleStrong Developer Community, that will enable developers and partners to extend PeopleStrong’s product capabilities in a ‘plug and play’ fashion.