Public employees in Thailand given salary payment options

A new salary payment scheme was recently announced, which would have seen public employees paid every fortnight.
By: | September 18, 2023

Public employees in Thailand will now have the option to receive their salaries through fortnightly or monthly payments, announced Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin.

This decision was made in response to feedback to economic stimulus policies, which included the new salary payment scheme. Concerns were raised that some officials might struggle with new arrangements to manage pre-existing debts based on monthly instalments.

Thavisin, however, was more optimistic over the new salary payment scheme, which he says is designed to stimulate the economy and would not add to the state’s financial burden. 

Officials with pre-existing salary-related debts, he added, can find relief by negotiating fortnightly repayment schedules with their creditors, who would push repayment regardless of the payment frequency. 

Denying the connection between this new bi-monthly salary plan and the state financial issues, Thavisin explained that he had thoroughly studied the policy before the cabinet’s decision, and the government would proceed with the implementation. “Civil servants at all levels were asked about this issue, and I hope that companies will also consider this as a viable option,” the prime minister said.

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When pressed about wage increments for civil servants, Thavisin cautioned that it was a long-term issue that would require careful consideration of various factors, including newly recruited civil servants and retirees. reported Bangkok Post.