RCA2018: Best Business Programme Provider

The Management Development Institute of Singapore’s business programmes have been judged top of the class by HRM Magazine Asia readers.
By: | October 5, 2018

For HR professionals looking to build up the business skills of their organisation’s key staff, there are plenty of training options available in the Singapore market. Short courses are everywhere, and specialist programmes focusing on niche functional areas also abound.

But for rigorous academic programmes, including formal Masters of Business Administration courses across several specialisations, HRM Magazine Asia readers selected the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MIDS) as the best provider in Singapore.

Ignatius Teo, Head of School, MDIS Business School, says winning the Readers’ Choice Award in this particular category was an “especially proud” moment for the organisation. “This is an endorsement that MDIS is providing good quality education to our students,” he said.

One thing setting the school apart from other academic institutions is its care and interest in students, even after they have completed their studies. “MDIS Business School has knowledgeable lecturers who care for students’ learning,” Teo added. “This care extends to providing career advice and moral support in their lives.”

Other ways MDIS students benefit from this philosophy include the chance to attend networking events with industry professionals and taking part in competitions to apply their skills in real-world scenarios.

And it doesn’t just stop with an MBA. Recently, the school launched its Doctorate in Business Administration programme, a three year course awarded by Teeside University in the UK. The programme is designed for senior professionals looking to pursue higher learning through applied research and a thesis based on solving a key business problem.