RCA2018: Best Corporate – Talent Engagement Provider

TrainingGearAsia’s first of three Readers’ Choice Awards in 2018 highlighted how its programmes are able to engage entire workforces.
By: | October 6, 2018

The Best Corporate – Talent Engagement Provider Readers’ Choice Award recognises those coaching and training providers who can truly connect with their audiences, and bring their curricula and development material to life.

As a “Talent Development and Behavioural Transformation House”, TrainingGearAsia boasts a wide array of services that harness behavioural science specifically to bring out the best in its clients’ workforces. Joseph Wong, founder and behavioural transformation coach, said the win – TrainingGearAsia’s second in a row for this category – was an honour and reflected the positive feedback and renewed commitment from clients across the region.

“Our constant desire is to standout; to be bold; to be different,” he said. “We always aspire to spear new movement and break the trends, and that constantly puts us out in front of new movements and initiatives.”

Wong gave a special acknowledgment of thanks to all of the company’s clients who voted in the Readers’ Choice Awards. “We are indeed honoured with our clientele continuous support in our work,” he said, before adding that it would spur the organisation to even greater success in the future.

“We do not take our victories for granted, no matter how small, or how big they are.”