RCA2018: Best HR Consultancy

Talent Plus earned its second Readers’ Choice Award for 2018 in the highly-prized category of Best HR Consultancy.
By: | October 24, 2018

For Talent Plus, one size definitely does not fit all; and nor does one single HR solution fit all challenges and obstacles. That’s why the company was so happy to be recognised specifically for the holistic category of Best HR Consultancy in this year’s HRM Magazine Asia Readers’ Choice Awards.

Deon Senturk, Director of Business Strategy and Development (pictured), says Talent Plus has strong capabilities across recruitment, training, leadership development, and talent management. But it is when all of these areas are combined that clients get the highest value from its services.

“We have a vista into Asian leadership needs and workforce dynamics to assist clients as they select individuals for the talent they bring to their organisation,” she says. “We also help them develop once onboarded – ensuring our client organisations are able to retain their top talent.”

As 2019 gets ever closer, Talent Plus’ focus will turn toward the managerial level of business in Asia-Pacific. “With easily 10 to 20% of all organisations comprising of managers, there are millions of managers in the workforce,” she said. “We know they set the tempo. When engaged, their team members realise higher engagement in turn.”

With this in mind, Senturk looks forward to launching the Operational Manager Talent Online Assessment tool, and also the TalentBank self-assessment portal. “This is an outcome of our clients’ input focused on improving the candidate, recruiter and hiring manager experience,” she said.