RCA2018: Best HR Tech – Leave Management

Times Software’s suite of software solutions was judged best in the leave management function by voters in the HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards.
By: | October 8, 2018

While the principal product of Times Software is labelled as a payroll solution, Rene Wong, Sales and Marketing manager for the company, says it has always provided much more than simple accounting technology.

That’s why he was particularly elated to have been able to pick up the Readers’ Choice Award for two categories, including Best Leave Management software. “This is a recognition to us that Times Software is not just a payroll solutions company, but also capable of providing total HR provider,” he said.

Wong says it was a combination of that versatility and customer service that helped the company to clinch both trophies. “Our constant improvements, as well as our willingness to listen to our customers is what made us stand out from the rest of the pack,” he said.

“We always believe in giving our customers a great overall experience.”

But claiming success outside the traditional scope of payroll software is only the beginning for Wong and the Times Software team.

“Our focus had always been the same for the past 20 years, and that is to help our customers achieve better efficiency. We are currently researching various ways to further streamline HR and Payroll processes by investing more in our research and development function.”