RCA2018: Best Talent Mobility Provider

Niche consultancy Talent Mobility Asia has won the Best Talent Mobility Provider trophy at this year's Readers' Choice Awards.
By: | October 26, 2018

Winning the prize for Best Talent Mobility Provider in the 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards was a testament to all the hard work that the dedicated team at Talent Mobility Asia has put out for the past four years, Stephen Park, Director of Consulting Services (pictured here on the right with co-founder Sean Collins), has said. As a boutique HR consulting firm, he says that it is an achievement worth celebrating, and its efforts have not gone unnoticed by clients and the wider HR community.

“Talent Mobility Asia is dedicated to helping organisations cut through the complexities of mobilising talent globally, while increasing the return on talent investments, as it gains significant experiences working within global mobility in Asia,” Park said. The company can “provide customised solutions based on in-depth industry knowledge and thought leadership.”

Moving forward, Park noted that Talent Mobility Asia would continue to further improve its favourable position, as it strives to deliver an integrated platform that combines consulting services with technology and data analytics to provide a holistic experience for its clients.

Park joined his team in celebrating the award at the gala ceremony on September 28. He believes that Talent Mobility Asia is now well placed to provide support to HR leaders, and that its clients are “increasing their focus on the strategic value of talent mobility and investing in their frameworks for better employee experiences and business outcomes from their mobile workforce”.