Return to office and “work from anywhere”, Google tells employees

Providing more flexibility and time off are some of the ways Google is using to lure staff back to the office.
By: | October 6, 2022

While returning to the office does not mean giving up geographic independence and all the reasons employees wish to continue working from home, Google is now providing four weeks of “work from anywhere” time in addition to paid time off.

This means that employees may choose to work remotely for up to four weeks a year in addition to taking vacation time as usual. It also provides flexibility for employees who have grown accustomed to working remotely and have built a life around having the ability to work remotely.

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The tech giant is implementing a hybrid work model that gives the majority of employees the option to work remotely two days a week. This is said to help maintain a balance between in-office and at-home work, allowing employees to work in the environment they are most comfortable with.

Additionally, Google has in place “global reset days” that serve as companywide days off for the purpose of “collective wellbeing”. There is no requirement to request or schedule a day off for such occasions. Employees can enjoy the day off without anxiety about missing something or falling behind on their day off. Furthermore, “global reset/wellness days” do not count towards paid time off, reported Inc.