Samsung to make 8,700 outsourced workers regular

Samsung will be hiring 8,700 workers from its subcontractors, as the firm looks to boost employees’ job security.
By: | November 7, 2018


In a move to bolster employees’ job security in the country, Samsung Electronics Service, the warranty service arm of the tech giant, has announced plans to convert 8,700 subcontracts into direct employees.

This is part of an effort to uphold the firm’s commitment to provide outsourced and contract workers with stable employment.

The firm said 7,800 outsourced workers will start work as official employees from January 1, 2019. Another 900  call centre operators became regular employees even earlier; on November 5.

The addition of 8,700 regular employees will make Samsung Electronics Service the country’s biggest warranty service provider. It will have a total of 9,000 workers in 184 centres around South Korea.