Scoot looks to drive digital transformation from the inside-out

The low-cost carrier is hoping that the transformation will cascade down from employees to customers.
By: | September 20, 2018


Asian-headquartered low-cost airline Scoot promises to help customers ‘escape the ordinary’ – and hopes to make good on a similar pledge to its own 2,000 employees.

Scoot’s workforce is primarily made up of cabin crew and pilots. As these employees are frequently in the air or at international destinations, maintaining communication and engagement with the airline can be challenging, the company says.

“Our organisation’s vision is for our team to be where our customers are, at a time of their convenience and we are determined to leverage digital innovations and technology to best connect our employees with our customers,” said Theresa Tan, Scoot’s Vice President for Human Resources.

“A big part of this is, keeping our employees informed, motivated and empowering the teams to take ownership to serve the customer.”

To do so, the carrier is partnering with ServiceNow to deploy a ‘one-stop shop’ for IT and HR Service Management, and so kick start a digital transformation within the company.

The company aims to use the new platform to create employee profiles and manage requests more efficiently and holistically, so that it can continue to build on staff engagement levels.

“Giving our employees mobile-first experiences to seek help from IT and HR, helps them to do their best work everyday, drives team collaboration and ownership and will help us realise benefits – attracting and retaining talented people,” Tan added.