Simple ways to rework the way you work

Managing productivity and energy levels in the workplace can be as simple as changing a few things around.
By: | April 2, 2024

How do we manage the different pressures and work issues that we come across at work?

That was the question Patty Starr, President and CEO of Health Action Council, explored in a guest column for

“The way we work and live has shifted for many of us over the past few years – for some, significantly,” wrote Starr. “While employees’ basic expectations have remained steady – a paycheck, health benefits, meetings – certain intangibles have become a priority, such as flexibility and feeling like work is more than just a job.”

The reality is, Starr explained, work is part of life. As such, there is a need to overhaul the workplace for a new era.

Firstly, Starr focused on the productivity of the employee as well as what fuels it, suggesting that employees keep blood sugar on an even keel and snack smartly to avoid late-afternoon crashes. This includes employers encouraging healthy eating by filling a fruit bowl in the break room with clementines, offering trail mix and stocking the fridge with a veggie tray. Another suggestion for fuelling energy? Dressing and getting ready for work to show up focused, energised and inspired.

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Next, Starr suggested that employers encourage team members to manage their time more effectively by setting boundaries to foster effective time management. “When work is overwhelming, this bleeds into personal matters and the whole life continuum suffers,” Starr warned. By prioritising and setting boundaries, employers exemplify what should be done and permit employees to do the same.

Other ways to boost energy and productivity include taking breaks during meetings to move more and stretch to improve health and boost focus and energy, reducing screentime, encouraging more positive social interactions and reducing anxiety by leaving phones out of meetings entirely.