Singapore’s most in-demand jobs in 2020

What are the jobs in Singapore that will be the most sought-after in the year of 2020? Hint: If you're in the field of technology, good news for you!
By: | December 23, 2019

With the continuous and relentless wave of digital transformation showing no signs of slowing, it’s little surprise tech-related jobs have dominated the list of 2020 most in-demand jobs in Singapore by LinkedIn.

We can expect to see tech specialists such as Data Scientist, AI Specialist, Cybersecurity Specialist – just to name a few – to be in high demand. While technology will be the focus for companies, there will also be a need for creative talents such as Creative Copywriter.

“Singapore’s continued commitment to becoming a digital nation has led to continued demand for some of the fastest-growing jobs in our workforce,” said Feon Ang, VP for Talent and Learning Solutions, Asia Pacific at LinkedIn.

“It is a very exciting time for all of us as professionals as we learn to adapt and evolve our skills to stay relevant in our jobs.

“The biggest skills gap is ultimately soft skills. Digitisation and automation have opened doors for more jobs that require creativity and interpersonal skills to help make sense of data and technology.”

Here you go. These are Singapore’s top jobs in 2020:

  1. AI specialist
  2. Robotics engineer
  3. Full stack engineer
  4. Backend developer
  5. Data scientist
  6. DevOps engineer
  7. Data engineer
  8. Cybersecurity specialist
  9. Community specialist
  10. Partnerships specialist
  11. Clinical specialist
  12. E-commerce specialist
  13. Customer success specialist
  14. Product owner
  15. Creative copywriter.

If you are scratching your head on what some of these jobs are, fret not. We will have an article to provide more details on what these roles are. So do look out for it!