Sony promotes Hiroki Totoki to President

Totoki’s appointment as President highlights his expertise in driving growth through business diversification and strategy planning.
By: | February 3, 2023
Topics: Japan | Leadership | News

Sony is promoting Hiroki Totoki to President and COO, effective 1 April 2023.

Totoki, who currently holds the positions of Executive Deputy President and CFO, will take over as President from Kenichiro Yoshida, who will remain as Chairman and CEO with representation rights. This marks the first change in the organisation’s top leadership in five years.

Yoshida commented, “It is necessary to strengthen our group structure at a time of intense changes in the external environment from technological advancements to geopolitical risks. Totoki’s strength is his strong will for growth, an important quality for an executive. He believes growth in the organisation will lead to growth in its employees.”

Despite difficult times, Totoki attributed Sony’s strength to its wide range of businesses. Totoki, who joined Sony in 1987, is known for his business strategy planning and ability to identify new business opportunities. He has also played a key role in the establishment of Sony Bank.

“I would like to create a positive spiral that begins with Sony being chosen by customers, which then energises our employees, enables us to attract more new talent, increases our corporate values, and ultimately enables us to give back to society,” said Totoki, reported Kyodo News.