South Korean firms shift to blind hiring

South Korean firms are adopting blind hiring for select positions, so that they focus more on skills and performance.
By: | October 19, 2018


In an effort to help eliminate discrimination and boost diversity, more South Korean companies are shifting to blind hiring to create a more diverse workforce, according to an analysis by the Korea Economic Research Institute.

The report showed that the surveyed firms mostly adopted blind hiring for select positions.

Lotte Department Store, for example, leveraged the hiring method for bringing in merchandisers. Meanwhile, CJ ENM used it when recruiting concert planners, and KT used it while hiring software developers.

Companies have eliminated factors such as alma mater, age, and language proficiency, and focused more on qualifications for required skills.

Blind hiring removes all personal and demographic information from the hiring process, so hiring managers can assess candidates based on ability alone.

It helps companies hire for talent and skill only, excluding cultural similarity factors.