South Koreans use technology to fight workplace bullies

Spy gadgets are rising in popularity to record abuse and harassment by bosses following changes in law.
By: | September 6, 2019

Workers in South Korea fed up with bullying in the workplace are secretly recording their perpetrators, normally their bosses. This is has led to a massive boost in sales of hi-tech audio and video recording devices.

Reminiscent of a James Bond movie, these gadgets have been disguised as leather belts, pens, USB sticks and even eyeglasses. Other popular devices included electronic car keys and cigarette lighters.

Under new legislation introduced in July, company owners who “unfairly demote or dismiss” workers who allege harassment can be imprisoned for three years or fined up to 30 million won (US$24,700).

Workplace bullying and people abusing their authority is prevalent in South Korea there is a word for it – Gabjil. A group of lawyers have set up an online chat room called Gabjil 119 to give free advice on bullying cases.