Southeast Asia most confident in digital readiness

However, budget constraints, lack of adequate talent, and outdated or unsuitable infrastructure are still hindering technology adoption.
By: | October 30, 2018


A new study by Cisco shows that companies in Southeast Asia are confident in their digital future, compared to the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.

Almost all (94%) Southeast Asian companies think that their digital readiness will help them stay competitive, with a similar number (93%) prepared to adopt new technologies to accelerate their digital transformation.

Despite overall confidence levels in Southeast Asia, almost a fifth (19%) of large firms – that is, those with more than 10,000 employees – showed less confidence to adopt relevant technologies, compared with 7% of smaller firms.

Top technologies expected to shape the digital future of businesses in Southeast Asia are cloud, cybersecurity, big data and analytics, and automation.

However, despite high confidence and awareness of the technologies, adoption rates are still low across the region:

IT leaders have attributed the low rate of uptake to budget constraints (47%), lack of talent (43%), as well as unsuitable IT infrastructure (42%,).

The study involved more than 1,300 senior IT managers across the Asia-Pacific, all of whom work in companies with more than 500 employees.