The four big questions that job applicants should ask recruiters

A former recruiter for multiple corporate organisations shares what questions would make a great impression during the interview process.
By: | April 2, 2024

In the realm of talent acquisition, Dhritiparna Dhar, a seasoned HR professional with nearly two decades of experience and a specialisation in tech recruitment, shared insights on the questions candidates should ask during interviews to leave a lasting impression. Dhar, who has previously worked with industry giants such as Yahoo, Google, Dell and Zendrive, before establishing her recruiting agency, emphasised the significance of strategic inquiries that showcase a candidate’s engagement and forward-thinking approach.

She also has advice for aspiring job candidates, sharing that recruiters for organisations are happy to hear candidates ask certain questions that would show them the temperament of these aspiring employees and what they want to hear from these employees.

Dhar, sharing her experiences with Business Insider, highlighted that questions like, “Can you tell me about my future team?” and “Is the opportunity remote or hybrid?” are great for recruiters as they show natural curiosity and sincere interest in the world so that these employees would not just show the best and perfect answers for certain jobs, which includes a good understanding of team dynamics and collaboration.

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Dhar also shared that questions that focus on asking about the growth story of the role the employee is applying for are helpful as they make candidates come across as very aspirational, as they are already looking into how and when employees can grow into certain roles. Questions about career growth give the interviewer a good perspective to understand the candidate’s mindset and goals.

Lastly, candidates who ask about the challenges that certain teams, departments and organisations face are on track as it shows those in recruitment that the candidates are curious and want to know more about the organisational or departmental challenges they would be getting into. This information is rarely part of the job description or company website, and it is always fair to ask for more clarity.