The three strategies to resolve conflict at work

As 2024 approaches, managers should use key workplace dispute resolution strategies to manage their teams and boost morale.
By: | December 21, 2023

With 2023 coming to an end, organisations and managers are currently taking time to reflect and assess the year they have had and plan, often revolving around people management and conflict resolution.

Anna Shields, Director and Co-Founder of Consensio, an organisation that deals with conflict management and mediation practitioners, shared three strategies to encourage morale and boost goodwill amongst teams in 2024 that employers could put into practice for next year on Forbes.  

The first, as Shields explained, involves leaders and managers having to set an example for employees, as team members may not be able to find a solution to their problems during conflict. This includes being open in communication between members so that they can clear up any misapprehensions and issues as well as open new points of view. “When one person takes the time to explain to someone what effect their behaviour has on them, this clarifies things and can reset the dynamics of a relationship,” she explained.

Next, Shields advised managers to be open towards exploring possibilities, which can seem difficult when there are perceived limitations. “In the midst of a dispute, there can be a tendency towards adopting a fixed mindset,” she commented. “But the reality is that for most of us, there are always choices.” Managers should take time to look through available options with the help of a colleague or friend, as talking it through with them could reveal more solutions and perspectives to make informed choices. 

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Lastly, Shields recommended building and creating stronger relationships between colleagues, friends, and others to combat isolation and disconnection, especially as more employees are working in remote or hybrid jobs, or even on long commutes. “Building our relationships with colleagues not only nurtures connections but also forges trust, which helps us better navigate conflict when it arises,” she concluded.