Three factors that may be pushing your employees out the door

Some of the reasons that are causing employees to leave an organisation may be more straightforward and obvious than many expect.
By: | March 29, 2023

With many HR departments having to rethink their strategies to attract and retain talent, it is perhaps surprising that many organisations continue to be oblivious to the reasons that are making employees leave for alternative employment.

Firstly, while the priorities of employees may have shifted, it is clear that they still want to be fairly remunerated for their work. For instance, when employees find out that colleagues in a less important role or new hires are being paid more than them, that is a sufficient trigger for employees to move on if requests for a raise are not met, suggested author and marketing strategist Amy Poterfield.

Employees will also consider leaving if they do not feel valued, said Poterfield.  “Sometimes, people feel invisible in their nine-to-five jobs. They have ideas, they bring them to the table and no one pays attention.”

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Lastly, career progression plans offered by organisations may not meet the expectations of employees. For example, employees may look at the job roles their managers and leaders are taking on and decide that is not what they want to do in the long-term.

In the event that employees decide that their employer is not a good fit for them, Poterfield advised, “Give yourself three months, six months, nine months or a year to figure out your next steps, then go out and make your own growth,” reported CNBC Make It.