Three simple ways to boost employee recognition at work

How can organisations use easy and practical ways to give employees praise and recognition when they hit milestones and achievements?
By: | February 6, 2024

Recognition at work for work achievements is not often expected but is crucial to the success of the business and the team.

They are helpful as essential tools to develop compassionate leaders and create empathy in the workplace, as shared by Laura Donnellan, Founder, Compassionate Leaders Circle.

Using the example of a Gallup study that cited the use of HR technology for recognition to enhance the culture and productivity of businesses significantly, Donnellan shared the importance of giving and receiving recognition as one way to form new relationships, build bridges among teams; and dissolve tensions amid disparate goals, priorities, or approaches. “A compassionate leader promotes connection in the workplace,” she shared on Forbes.

To expand on that, Donnellan interviewed KeyAnna Schmiedl, the Chief Human Experience Officer at Workhuman, a platform that focuses on employee recognition using automated prompts and public feeds. Schemiedl, who she describes as passionate about innovative approaches to human resources, highlighted three specific ways in which recognition platforms can benefit businesses.

The first, Schemiedl explained, is via the end of the first week of employee onboarding. “Recognition should not only come from the top down; with HR Tech, it’s possible for recognition to be company wide. At the end of a new employee’s onboarding week, an HR tech platform might prompt coworkers to encourage that individual to start building connections immediately,” she shared.

The next is via performance management, where leadership teams can offer regular review questions for employees and leaders to discuss as a practical solution to not having enough time for regular check-ins. Lastly, Schmiedl recommended using personal updates to encourage holistic recognition and promote an authentic community experience.

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“Whether one’s company has remote employees or wants to create a culture of connection, considering an HR recognition platform is a great opportunity,” Donnellan concluded.