Transformative shift in HR role driving organisational success in Malaysia

Besides aligning organisational and employee values, HR is also playing a key role to attract and retain the best talent
By: | January 19, 2024

As workplaces continue to transform, HR has become more crucial than ever in fostering employee engagement and productivity.

With a new generation of employees entering the workforce, HR also plays a key role in aligning organisational and employee values, as well as finding ways to attract and retain talent while actively shaping a healthy work culture, according to PERSOLKELLY Malaysia’s 2023/2024 Malaysia Salary & Employment Outlook report.

The report also underscores the increasing importance of training and development initiatives. Beyond traditional metrics, today’s employees prioritise flexibility, career growth, and coaching. Gen Z employees, in particular, seek a holistic work experience that goes beyond financial considerations.

PERSOLKELLY Malaysia predicted that the need for talent will continue to grow in 2024 as unemployment remains low, but urged organisations to ensure the resilience and agility of the workforce if they want to thrive against the backdrop of continuing and emerging global challenges and changes,

Brian Sim, Country Head and Managing Director, PERSOLKELLY Malaysia, added, “With recent advancements in tech, the impact that it brings is undeniable and employers will be looking at ways to innovate and upscale their businesses leveraging these advancements. Therefore, it is crucial for their workforce to be aligned in bringing to life this transformation.”

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Sim also encouraged both employers and employees to adopt a proactive approach, with the former responsible for providing an environment that allows employees to work effectively. Employees meanwhile, should continuously hone their skills and be future-ready in meeting constantly evolving job requirements in today’s competitive job market.