What to avoid during a work-related video call

Many organisations still practice hybrid work, yet many employees may lack the insight on how to maintain professional etiquette.
By: | February 3, 2023

Fatigued at the end of a long video call with your colleagues that is finally coming to an end? Instead of leaving abruptly, employees would do well to politely wave goodbye before ending the call.

This simple gesture, according to a new behaviourial guidebook for employees working remotely and in the office, is but one of the many standards of professionalism and etiquette that employees, especially those working at home, should adhere to.

Employees should also pay attention to their behaviour while on a business video call, avoiding activities such as snacking, participating in personal chores, or checking on mobile devices. Appearances are also important, with employees urged to avoid cluttered virtual backgrounds and to be dressed in appropriate business attire.

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Liz Wyse, Etiquette Advisor at Debrett’s, explained, “It’s clear that hybrid working offers many benefits, including greater flexibility and a better work-life balance. However, that’s not an excuse to let etiquette slip, and standards should stay the same regardless of where you’re working from.”

The report, which was produced by British professional coaching company Debrett, in collaboration with Poly HP, also advised employees not to be bothered by long pauses during virtual meetings and to take appropriate steps to avoid video motion sickness.