Why reducing burnout starts with adjusting how work is done

Removing drudgery, giving employees control, and creating a supportive work environment can go a long way towards eliminating burnout.
By: | May 23, 2023

With burnout continuing to afflict many employees, many leaders have been tasked to reduce or prevent burnout in their organisation.

While a formidable challenge, leaders can start by identifying the most depleting elements of a job role and look for ways to reduce them, suggested Adam Grant, Author and and Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

For instance, automating tedious parts of a job can help mitigate overwork at a time when most employees have more work to complete than they have time to do so, he explained to Inc.

Next, employees should be afforded as much control over their jobs as possible. Leaders should look for opportunities to have team members help determine their own goals, how they will achieve these goals, and what training they might need along the way. They should also be given control over when and where they work through flexible hours and remote or hybrid work, said Grant.

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Lastly, a supportive work environment is crucial to enable employees to do their jobs well and reduce burnout. To effect change, leaders should start from within, as Grant explained, “When leaders open up about their challenges and ask for assistance, it normalises struggle and shows that seeking support is a source of strength, not a sign of weakness.”