Workday and Jabil partner to revolutionise HR processes

Leveraging Workday Human Capital Management ushers in a new era of streamlined HR processes and data-driven decision-making for Jabil.
By: | October 5, 2023
Topics: HR Technology | News

Workday has forged a strategic partnership with Jabil, a global manufacturing solutions provider. The collaboration aims to catalyse efficiencies and revolutionise the latter’s HR processes through the implementation of Workday Human Capital Management.

One of the primary challenges faced by Jabil was the management of multiple HR systems, necessitating the establishment of a unified, single source of truth for employee data across its extensive global workforce.

With the implementation of Workday Human Capital Management, Jabil now enjoys a consolidated view of employee information, streamlined core HR processes, and improved data flows that bolster compliance throughout the organisation. This transformation empowers Jabil’s leadership teams to make informed, data-driven decisions, thereby fuelling growth, optimising workforce capabilities, and addressing gaps in the talent pool. 

May Yap, Senior Vice-President and Chief Information Officer, Jabil, said, “Following the deployment of Workday solutions at Jabil, we have begun to realise the efficiencies gained in our various operations. Our employees are now better placed to focus on higher value tasks and fully leverage their skillsets to achieve peak business performance in this competitive business environment.”

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Furthermore, Workday Advanced Compensation feature empowers Jabil’s managers to make more effective decisions regarding merit-based salary increases, promotions, and bonuses, resulting in a robust compensation process. Aligning with Jabil’s commitment to an employee-centric approach, the introduction of self-service capabilities has empowered employees to independently complete various HR tasks. According to Workday, an average of about 1.5 million employee-initiated transactions is processed annually through this user-friendly platform.

Pannie Sia, General Manager, ASEAN, Workday, concluded, “A data-driven HR approach acts as a compass for business success. By harnessing insights derived through employee analytics, organisations can optimise their operations and work towards fostering a harmonious synergy between their human capital and organisational goals.”