Placing employee wellbeing as a priority for leaders in Singapore

To shatter stigma and foster inclusion in the workplace, a campaign has been launched to make mental health a strategic priority.
By: | October 13, 2023

Amid the array of wellness programmes and events organised during World Mental Health Month, WorkWell Leaders, a non-profit collective in Singapore, is championing the need for the voices of CEOs and organisational leaders to be heard. The organisation has launched the Leadership Pledge Campaign, an initiative aimed at instilling a profound commitment to mental wellbeing within the workplace across Singapore.

The Leadership Pledge Campaign, known by its hashtag #LeadTogetherForMH, signifies a pivotal effort by WorkWell Leaders to encourage corporate leaders, particularly CEOs, to publicly commit to taking responsibility for the mental wellbeing of their employees.

The essence of this initiative is to transform leadership from mere words into actions, as Anthea Ong, a former Nominated Member of Singapore’s Parliament, who established WorkWell Leaders, said, “We are not what we say we are as leaders, we are what we say and do. Making this public pledge is showing up with courage and commitment to all our stakeholders that firmly communicate our leadership promise for actions to build mentally healthy workplaces for thriving employees and organisations.”

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WorkWell Leaders seeks to break the barriers of stigma surrounding mental health and encourage CEOs and organisational leaders to view it as a strategic imperative, rather than delegating it solely to HR departments. The campaign recognises that the commitment of leadership can empower management teams and employees, ultimately creating a more inclusive and supportive work environment.