Young Taiwanese seek jobs in Southeast Asia and India

New research shows young people in Taiwan are increasingly interested in pursuing careers in other parts of Asia.
By: | October 2, 2018


Even as Taiwan sets its sights on Southeast Asia, as a source of talent to mitigate its brain-drain problem, Taiwanese youth are themselves starting look at their career prospects in the region.

Lured by the prospect of a higher salary, lower living costs, and better chances of a quick promotion, more young Taiwanese are now considering working for companies in Southeast Asia and India, according to data from an online job bank.

As reported by Taiwan News, in the past three years, the number of Taiwanese between ages 25 and 29 heading to work in Southeast Asia rose by 62%.

The trend reveals a shift from the past when Taiwanese citizens went to China for employment opportunities.

The tensions between the US and China and the rising costs in the latter, have spurred Taiwanese companies to shift their production to Vietnam or India.

The Taiwanese government does not consider the outflow of talent to Southeast Asian nations a cause for concern.

In the long term, these young Taiwanese will bring back key competitiveness to Taiwan, according to John Deng, head of Taiwan’s Office of Trade Negotiations.