How to accelerate business transformation

A new ebook produced by NTUC LearningHub and HRM Asia identifies the three key competencies building pillars for organsiations.
By: | March 31, 2022

To help organisations focus on these three key pillars and accelerate their rate of transformation, NTUC LearningHub (NTUC LHUB) has, in partnership with HRM Asia, produced an ebook titled Accelerating Business Transformation with The Three Key Building Pillars.

Within the pillar of Business Capabilities, the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) is a methodology that involves strategic decision-making and transformation to efficiently allocate resources to meet business and market needs.

To establish learning within an organisation, the Workplace Learning Blueprint Development is a learning model that takes a long-term strategic view towards employee upskilling, focusing not only on what employees need to know presently, but also how they can grow and develop to contribute to their organisation.

To help organisations identify and align business goals and workforce capabilities to elevate business performance, NTUC LHUB is also offering its L&D-as-a-service (LaaS) human capital development framework.

For the pillar of People Competencies, the ebook highlights how individual mindsets need to change as organisations look to build a workforce that is equipped with digital marketing skills.

It also provides tips and insights into how organisations can use data analytics to make better business decisions. For instance, data analytics allows organisations to monitor employee performance over time and identify trends that may indicate potential problems.

Mental health is also highlighted, with Sean Lim, Director, Human Capital, NTUC LHUB, saying, “There is a need for employees to reduce the stigma associated with well-being programmes and feel supported by the leaders of their organisations… Leaders need to have open conversations about mental health, communicate the value of wellness, and acknowledge employees’ contributions.”

For the third and critical pillar of Learning Culture, NTUC LHUB notes that learning needs to be a continuous journey throughout an employee’s career, for a successful learning culture to be built and sustained.

To enable companies and workers in Singapore to upskill and reskill to stay relevant and competitive in a new world of work, NTUC LHUB is offering its Learning eXperience Platform (LXP), a one-stop app that allows learners to pick up new skills and develop competencies with an extensive library of over 75,000 courses across 135 categories.

Click here to download the ebook and find out how you can accelerate business transformation with the three key building pillars.