Addressing employee burnout: Strategies for a healthier workforce

Resilience Institute SEA’s Manish Arneja will be at HR Tech Fest Connect 2023 to offer perspectives on battling burnout and building a resilient workforce.
By: | September 19, 2023

The pandemic has accelerated the urgent need for organisations to address the mental health and wellbeing of their employees. Employee burnout, often misunderstood as mere exhaustion, has emerged as a significant challenge with far-reaching consequences for team retention and management.

Speaking with HRM Asia, Manish Arneja, Managing Partner at the Resilience Institute SEA, said, “When we talk to HR leaders in the region, most of them agree that tackling mental health is a priority for them. And leaders also do agree that burnout is a key risk for their team retention and engagement. And then what do we do? We follow what the norm is. We start with giving some access to the resources in the organisation. Getting some mindfulness apps, organising yoga classes, and providing some time outs for the team. But as an HR leader, I invite you to think: Does all these things work for you?”

To shed light on this critical issue, Arneja will be at HR Tech Fest Connect 2023 where, in his session titled Employee Burnout Is Real: Building Resilience For A Healthier Workforce, he will attempt to challenge conventional approaches to employee wellbeing and explore more effective and comprehensive strategies for combatting burnout.

“At HR Tech Fest Connect 2023, I will be sharing key tips and strategies on what you can do to beat the burnout challenge at the workplace,” he added.

With the theme of The Connected Workplace: Empowering HR Leaders to Build on Engaged & Resilient Workforce, HR Tech Fest Connect, supported by Ceridian and Adobe, will take place on September 27 and offers a timely platform for Asia’s HR community to unite, identify growth opportunities, and catalyse organisational transformation.

Also joining HR Tech Fest Connect 2023 is Miriam Sake, Senior VP, People and Organisational, ASEAN, at Siemens, who will be sharing the organisation’s approach to the changing landscape of work in her session titled Tackling Structural Changes by Shaping the Future of Work. Learn how Siemens is addressing workforce challenges and future job landscapes through their #FutureofWork initiative and #NextWork methodology, ensuring sustainable employment in ASEAN. Attendees will also gain insights at this session on navigating evolving employment and skills development. 

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Besides Sake, HR Tech Fest Connect 2023 will also feature Eliana Carmel, Chief People Officer for Agoda, who will share insights on talent acquisition and management in the tech-driven global economy. In her presentation, titled Winning the War for the “Right” Talent, Carmel will explore the future of talent management characterised by personalised work models, emphasising the importance of accommodating individual employee needs and aspirations. Attendees will also learn how to attract and engage the right talent by offering varied work arrangements, personalised career development, and tailored benefits.

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