AI platform aims to transform APAC’s employment landscape

Connecting over 40 million people, SEEK’s new combined platform is designed to allow employers and employees to find talent and jobs more easily.
By: | March 4, 2024

To bring together millions of jobseekers and employers across APAC to connect more of the right people with the right work, SEEK is now offering a single platform consisting of its Asia Pacific employment marketplaces – SEEK, Jobstreet, and Jobsdb – under a single platform operated by SEEK’s AI technology.

SEEK’s unification of its employment marketplaces comes 10 years after it acquired Jobstreet and Jobsdb, and follows three years of development and an estimated AUD$180 (US$117) million investment.

Peter Bithos, CEO, Asia, SEEK said, ““At SEEK, everything we do revolves around our customers. One unified platform means we can now offer our product to millions of people across Asia in an entirely new way, so that our customers can find jobs and talent more easily. This puts us in a stronger position, more than ever before, to realise our ambition of helping 500 million people develop their careers with five million companies in the region.”

According to SEEK, the unified marketplace brings forth new AI-powered advancements to the Jobstreet and Jobsdb platforms in Asia, aimed at enhancing the employment experience for both employers and job seekers throughout the region.

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For employers, the new platform deploys AI models to assess talent suitability and provide highly personalised recommendations by processing data from various sources, including resumes, job ad descriptions and the employer’s past behaviours. This allows employers to hire fast and right. Employers can also expedite the talent shortlist process by adding AI-recommended screening questions in their job ads.

Chew Siew Mee, Managing Director, Singapore, Jobstreet by SEEK, added, “Powered by SEEK’s cutting-edge AI, the ability to seamlessly match hirers and talents based on specific skills, job roles, and career aspirations is crucial in Singapore’s highly dynamic and evolving employment landscape.”