JobStreet by SEEK revolutionise HR landscape with AI technology

The AI platform streamlines talent matching with AI-recommended screening questions, enhancing efficiency for employers.
By: | December 8, 2023

JobStreet by SEEK has announced a significant transformation of its employment platform, powered by AI technology. This move aims to redefine how talent and employers connect, offering better job matches, new experiences, and deeper insights.

The transformation results from SEEK’s investment of approximately SG $158 million (US $118.22 million) over the past three years. This investment focused on unifying its three online employment marketplaces across Asia-Pacific, specifically SEEK in Australia and New Zealand; JobStreet in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia; and JobsDB in Hong Kong and Thailand.

Upon completion in early 2024, jobseekers in Singapore and employers can expect increased access to job opportunities and a larger talent pool spanning SEEK’s entire Asia-Pacific network.

The revamped JobStreet by SEEK platform employs advanced AI models to assess talent sustainability, shortlist applications, and provide personalised recommendations by processing data from various sources. The introduction of the Top Applicant Badge highlights strong candidates, improving the likelihood of successful matches between jobseekers and employers.

Employers can enhance the efficiency of talent-hunting process by incorporating AI-recommended screening questions in job posts, streamlining the identification of suitable candidates based on their responses.

Another addition is the predictive approachability signal, a feature designed to predict talent open to discussing new job opportunities before vacancies are advertised. Furthermore, jobseekers can now control their profile visibility, indicating their openness to job opportunities even when not actively applying.

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Chew Siew Mee, Managing Director for JobStreet by SEEK Singapore, concluded, “The integration of SEEK’s AI technology is set to improve intuitive matching and elevate the JobStreet platform.”

“As Singapore strives towards becoming a digital nation, JobStreet by SEEK remains committed to supporting the evolving needs of the workforce. This transformation serves as a testament to our continual efforts to stay at the forefront of industry advancements.”