Embarking on a journey of inspiration at work with AI and the metaverse

Arthur Carmazzi, a keynote speaker at HR Tech Fest Connect 2023, highlights the possibilities that AI and the metaverse can offer in the world of work.
By: | July 4, 2023

Mention the metaverse, and the association with gaming is likely to be one of the first thoughts to spring to mind.

However, the virtual world, when facilitated by the use of artificial intelligence (AI), has the vast potential to shape the future of coaching and training, and help solve real HR problems in ways that organisations never thought possible, said Arthur Carmazzi, best-selling author and Founder of the Directive Communication Psychology.

He told HRM Asia, “Technology can help you augment your people development in the real world by applying metaverse strategies. For example, you may have some issues with training ROI. Do you ever notice how a lot of times you have these really great trainers, and they get number tens on their evaluation forms but ultimately, when it comes back to implementing what your people have learnt, they kind of get busy and a lot of the stuff doesn’t get implemented?”

“There are new solutions using technology that can help people to individually and in a personalised way, do on-the-job training of soft skills, where they would be able to develop their skills and succeed in advance before they try this in the real world.”

Carmazzi, who is also ranked as the world’s number one thought leader in organisational culture for 2022-23 by Global Gurus, added that this can be made possible through creating AI avatars of thought leaders, trainers, and coaches that organisations can mix and match to get the best solution.

The onboarding experience can also be enhanced through AI and the metaverse, where new hires can be taken on a journey of inspiration by the CEO to get them passionate and excited about being part of the organisation.

To get started on the journey of inspiration and discovery in the world of AI and metaverse, join Carmazzi at HR Tech Fest Connect 2023, where in his keynote address titled, AIs and the Metaverse at Work: Navigating the Future of Speaking, Coaching, and Training, where he will share the tech, the psychology, and the extreme potential of higher standards of people development in the workplace.

“We are going to be looking at the different ways that not only can you improve skills, but truly manage attitudes, expectations and ultimately, a sense of personal confidence and competence in being the best human being you can be at work,” Carmazzi added.

With the theme of The Connected Workplace: Empowering HR Leaders to Build an Engaged & Resilient Workforcethe all-virtual HR Tech Fest Connect 2023 is taking place on September 27 to provide a timely platform for Asia’s HR community to come together to identify growth opportunities and drive organisational transformation.

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Joining Carmazzi to provide key insights into workplace trends that will help HR leaders steer their organisation towards growth and stability will be Kris Wadia, CEO of Humanized Leadership, who will provide useful tips to embed successful employee engagement strategies into each stage of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement, and will also present real-world examples that have been deployed in hybrid workforces around the world.

A respected global industry analyst and researcher focused on HR and business outcomes, Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer and Managing Partner of research and advisory firm Sapient Insights Group, will join HR Tech Fest Connect 2023 to share insights into how organisations in Asia Pacific are deploying HR technologies to create a connected workforce.

To understand how organisations can drive future growth by identifying trends and opportunities, Go Ashokh Menon, an Agile Coach and Facilitator with One Synergy Global, will examine how organisations can drive future growth by identifying trends and opportunities that will allow them to engage a resilient workforce to deliver high impact performance.

Responsible for overseeing Bloomberg’s D&I goals and priorities that drive organisational change, Alisha Fernando, Head of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) across Asia Pacific at Bloomberg, will be at HR Tech Fest Connect 2023, togther with Robert Gee, APAC Head of Sell-side Trading Solutions Sales, Bloomberg, to share initiatives the leading business and financial data firm has put in place to create a “total inclusion” culture.

Join over 3,000 HR and business leaders from Asia to take a deep dive into how organisations can empower their leaders to build an engaged and resilient workforce to seek future growth opportunities. Click here to register for HR Tech Fest Connect 2023 and be part of the discussion on how organisations in Asia can achieve sustainable growth in 2023 and beyond!