AI’s impact will not affect multiple jobs in 2026

Employees can rest easier: AI's impact on the jobscape will not affect job availability for aspiring applicants up to 2026
By: | January 2, 2024

While concerns about AI’s impact on jobs and making people redundant are rampant and valid, there is growing evidence that AI will have a minimal impact on job availability. AI, as a study by Gartner has revealed, will actually have a minimal impact on the availability of jobs by 2026, AI will still not be able to outperform humans when it comes to a large majority of tasks, reported Digital Information World.

Gartner identified three skills in particular that will be secure through 2033, namely personal care and therapy, building new scientific theories as well as moral and ethical reasoning. Humans ‘will be better at these skills than AI at least until 2033”. Three other skills are also in the clear, with AI not being able to come close to humans in the present year, such as writing bestselling books, creating music as well as conducting financial analyses. These skills, as Gartner would explain, will continue to be untouched by AI for at least another decade. 

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Jobs that AI will get better at, despite not currently being on par with humans, include software programming, a skill that Muhammad has identified that is already equal to humans at, although it is still a useful tool and it won’t be replacing humans anytime soon. AI, however, has already become on par with humans on skills such as medical scan diagnosis, driving, facial recognition, and translation, and will already replace humans in doing so by late 2020s.