ChatGPT usage at work differs between countries like US and Japan

The use of AI-powered tools like ChatGPT differ greatly in usage between countries, due to a gap in awareness and understanding of the tools.
By: | July 3, 2023

The use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT differs greatly amongst employees across Japan and US, due to different attitudes and awareness of the technology within both countries.

According to a poll conducted by the Tokyo-based MM Research Institute in May, which polled 13,814 professionals in organisations across Japan and the US to explore their understanding of applications and tools, only 7% of desk employees in Japan use ChatGPT while working, in comparison to their US counterparts, where half of the respondents were likely to use them on the job.

In fact, the survey showed that most employees in the US knew what ChatGPT is and how it functions, with only 9% of the respondents saying that they do not know about the tool in comparison to 46% of the respondents from Japan. More than three out of five US senior managements respondents also indicated a “strong interest” in the technology in comparison to those in Japan, who are still uncertain over the safe usage of the technology.  

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The organisations who use ChatGPT in both countries were likely to use the tools for efficiency, like generating and summarising text for email, meeting minutes or to organise large chunks of information, and are looking to use the technology for advanced education and training, as well as applying it to new fields. ChatGPT is also widely used in human resources to devise interview questions and phrase text in job postings, with more than 90% of the respondents saying they plan to keep using the technology for that function, reported Nikkei Asia.