China leads the world in hiring AI talents

China and the US are leading the way in AI employment globally, with China topping the list with just over 12,000 job listings.
By: | December 6, 2018


China has topped the list of 15 industry-leading countries with the most artificial intelligence (AI) job offerings, according to software company UiPath.

China has over 12,000 job listings covering roles including software engineer, intelligence researcher, sales engineer and product engineer. This is followed by the United States at 7,000. Other leading countries include Japan, the United Kingdom, India, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, and Poland.

The company looked at AI job offerings worldwide, scanning through 30,000 job listings from 15 countries.

UiPath reported that China’s Suzhou and Shanghai are the top two cities in the number of AI jobs, with 3,300 and 1,600 jobs respectively.

According to PwC, AI could add up to US$15.7 trillion (SGD$21 trillion) to the global economy by 2030.