CHRO Malaysia: Gateway to workforce transformation

CHRO Malaysia, supported by Ceridian, ADP, BTS and Workday, empowers HR leaders for workforce transformation in 2024 and beyond.
By: | November 15, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, CHROs play a pivotal role in shaping organisational and workforce transformation. As organisations grapple with the challenges of technological advancements, demographic shifts, and a changing workforce, HR leaders must be at the forefront of developing innovative strategies to navigate these changes and ensure organisational success.

CHRO Malaysia, organised by HRM Asia, provides a platform for CHROs to connect, share best practices, and learn from industry experts. This year’s event, supported by Ceridian, ADP, BTS and Workday will focus on the theme of HR 2024 and Beyond: How CHROs Can Shape Organisational and Workforce Transformation, exploring how HR can harness the power of technology and cultivate the skills and competencies needed to build a future-ready workforce.

In a session titled Reimagine Human Development to Realise Human Potential, Wong Pei Woan, Director, Asia, Office of CHRO and CIO at Workday, will highlight the transformative impact of AI and machine learning on the workforce and explore a holistic approach to talent development. By cultivating both technical aptitudes and essential human skills, organisations can build a workforce prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.

Wong will share insights from Workday’s human development initiatives, demonstrating how the organisation adapt to ever-changing needs. The session will also draw from a global study that examines the profound impact of AI and machine learning on the HR function and its strategic role.

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Another session, Onwards to a Sustainable Future: Leveraging L&D to Drive Sustainability Strategies, will feature Junita Abd Aziz, Head of Global Learning and Development at Petronas. This session will explore how Petronas utilises learning and development practices to rally employees to drive sustainability strategies and performance for speed, materiality, and alignment focus, demonstrating the crucial role of HR in fostering a sustainable future.

CHRO Malaysia will be held on 22 November 2023 at Hilton Petaling Jaya. To find out more about CHRO Malaysia, click here.