Creating fair workplace opportunities for women in tech 

Creating a workplace where all employees can bring their true and authentic selves to work is the goal of a Samsung Electronics DE&I leader.
By: | July 17, 2023

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) is about respect and empowerment, and creating an environment where differing views can co-exist, said Julia Maher, Senior Director of People, Samsung Electronics America.

In a Samsung spotlight on the organisation’s DE&I champions, Maher, who is also a Women+ in Samsung Electronics (WISE+) employee resource group and the Samsung Electronics America’s DEI Council, said, “When I think about DE&I, the lines between personal and professional blend. My kids are my ‘meaning.’ I want them to grow up where they can be who they are, wherever they are, and where differences are accepted and embraced.”

As a female leader working in tech, one of Maher’s challenges is to stand out and be apart from others, as well to create space for herself and other women in tech. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Maher was exposed to the varied diversity and learnt to appreciate varied perspectives, beliefs, and cultures, while also witnessing the challenges and disparities faced by many. This shaped her DE&I views and is driving her to help create a workplace where people can bring their true, authentic selves to work, and where differences within the organisations are accepted and sought out.

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“Being open to diverse perspectives enables us to expand our minds, enhance our critical thinking skills, and spur new ideas, ultimately preventing stagnation and leading to innovation and growth,” she said, while urging young female leaders to embrace learning with an open mind.

“If there’s an opportunity to experience a new culture, take it. Empathise with those who do not have it as ‘easy’ as you do and use your voice as an ally to speak up for them,” Maher concluded.