Cultivating a sustainable future through greenskilling

Schneider Electric's Nathalie Huynh elaborates on her organisation’s drive to unite progress and sustainability for all employees.
By: | August 22, 2023

In a world where an astonishing 80% of global CO2 emissions originate from energy-related sources, the call for immediate and resolute action is undeniable. Our unwavering focus must pivot towards the empowerment of individuals, with a special spotlight on the youth, to become the architects of transformative change. 

The United Nations underscores the enormity of this challenge by revealing that our planet hosts a population of 1.8 billion individuals, aged 10 to 24 – comprising one in six people worldwide. Strikingly, a substantial 90% of them reside in developing nations. This underscores the imperative: we are charged with arming every generation with the proficiencies demanded by an ever-evolving workforce. Our commitment lies in nurturing young minds with adaptable, pertinent skills that will propel them into roles that not only shape but redefine leadership in the future. 

As the horizon unfolds, it beckons us to embrace critical disciplines such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, harmonising them with indispensable soft skills like problem-solving, adaptability, and an unwavering dedication to both environmental preservation and social equity. 

Schneider Electric stands resolute in its purpose to unite progress and sustainability for all. We are committed to translating words into action, setting forth quantifiable and monitored targets. By 2025, we aspire to train one million individuals in energy management and industrial automation. We also aim to double the prospects for young interns, trainees, and graduates within our fold. 

“Within Schneider Electric’s ecosystem, we galvanise the collective potential of all generations through an unwavering commitment to learning, upskilling, and development.” – Nathalie Huynh, Cluster Human Resources Director, Schneider Electric

Within Schneider Electric’s ecosystem, we galvanise the collective potential of all generations through an unwavering commitment to learning, upskilling, and development. This forward-looking approach paves the way for the upcoming generation to flourish and thrive. By 2025, we are determined to magnify opportunities for the next wave through internships, apprenticeships, and fresh graduate hires. Moreover, our resolve extends to training one million underprivileged individuals in energy management, thereby cultivating a more inclusive future. 

Our commitment extends globally, and in Singapore, we have recently inaugurated the Sustainability Competency Centre and unveiled the Sustainability Leadership Programme in partnership with the Singapore Economic Development Board. This visionary initiative seeks to establish Singapore as a global nucleus for sustainability leadership and innovation. By furnishing individuals with profound industry insights and technical prowess, we empower them to craft and execute effective strategies, meeting the burgeoning demand for sustainability solutions and adept talent. 

Since 2011, Schneider Electric has diligently organised the Go Green Competition, an annual event that empowers university students across the globe to manifest their visions of the future. This dynamic platform encourages students to connect with experts, learn, and present innovative, sustainable ideas that pave the way forward. 

At Schneider Electric, we firmly believe that the path to understanding climate change can be both enlightening and enjoyable. To help employees better understand the climate change with scientific facts, we have introduced the Climate Fresk workshop for employees to be trained on the basics of climate science. Climate Fresk is a French non-profit organisation, on a mission to raise awareness about climate change and it has trained one million people on the fundamentals of climate science, with a fun and collaborative workshop. 

Confronted by a climate emergency, embracing understanding is the key to collectively driving the structural changes needed for a sustainable future. 

About the author: Nathalie Huynh, Cluster Human Resources Director, Schneider Electric. Join her at HR Tech Fest Connect 2023, where she will delve into Schneider Electric’s proactive approach to nurturing green talents. In her session titled, Cultivating a Sustainable Future Through Greenskilling, she will also share insights into how Schneider Electric is nurturing and cultivating talents, meticulously preparing them for the intricate and multifaceted landscape that lies ahead in tomorrow’s workforce.