DBS continues journey to build a sustainable workplace

DBS’ Climate Activation Workshops empower participants to understand climate risk and identify sustainable financing opportunities.
By: | July 11, 2023

DBS continues to make strides towards its goal of achieving net zero financed emissions by 2050 by upskilling over 1,600 Institutional Banking Relationship Managers (RMs) and 170 Credit Risk Managers (CRMs) in sustainable financing practices. This initiative aims to deepen their understanding of sustainable financing and better assist corporate clients in navigating the complex sustainability landscape.

DBS has been organising specialised Climate Activation Workshops since December 2022 to ensure employees and clients understand the bank’s net zero commitments and decarbonisation targets, set in September 2022. Developed in collaboration with external sustainability consultants, these workshops provide participants with valuable insights into climate risk and practical tools for identifying suitable transition and sustainable financing opportunities.

Emphasising DBS’ dedication to supporting clients in their decarbonisation efforts, Yulanda Chung, Head of Sustainability, Institutional Banking Group, DBS, said, “Our RMs play a crucial role as catalysts in supporting our clients on their sustainability journeys. That is why we have invested in curating tailored workshops that go beyond the bank’s foundational sustainability curriculum to equip our RMs with the right tools to partner with our corporate clients effectively on their decarbonisation efforts.”

The Climate Activation Workshops offer a higher level of specialisation compared to the existing sustainability training programmes provided through the DBS Sustainability Learning Campus, launched in late 2022. This campus serves as a hub for sustainability-related training programmes, offering courses of varying levels for DBS’ 36,000 employees.

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Ryan Cheah, Vice-President at Institutional Banking Group, DBS, added, “Participating in the Climate Activation Workshop has deepened my knowledge and sharpened my ability to better support customers in leveraging suitable strategies and opportunities on their emissions reduction journeys. On a personal level, I have gained a better understanding of the impact of climate change, and this has further inspired me to do my part to reduce my own carbon footprint.”