Driving HR transformation in the new world of work

Learn about the latest HR strategies and technologies to drive HR transformation at HR Tech Festival Asia 2023, which is taking place from May 10-11.
By: | April 13, 2023

As organisations adapt to the changes brought about by the pandemic, HR professionals have a greater need than ever to stay ahead of the curve and drive HR transformation and business growth with the latest technologies and innovative strategies.

At HR Tech Festival Asia 2023, which is taking place from May 10-11, the HR Tech Theatre will provide a timely platform to offer essential updates and product demonstrations to help HR professionals navigate the new paradigms of people and work, and learn about the latest HR trends and technology.

For instance, attendees can join Eleanor Vajzovic, Global Head of Strategic Solutions, Paradox, to learn about the impact of conversational AI on HR and talent acquisition in her presentation titled Is ChatGPT Really Worth All the Hype? How Conversational Experiences Will Change the Way We Hire and Work—For the Better. In this session, she will provide insights into the benefits of conversational or generative AI, its potential impact on HR and talent acquisition, and why it should be viewed as a co-pilot rather than a replacement for HR professionals. By attending this session, HR professionals can gain a better understanding of the implications of conversational AI and how it can be used to improve HR practices.

This will be followed by the next session, Exploring the Potential Impact of the Metaverse on the Future of HR: Opportunities and Challenges, by Ikhram Merican, Regional Director, Hexa Business, where he will share the innovative possibility of the metaverse and how it can revolutionise HR functions. Attendees can gain an extensive understanding of the definition and key characteristics of the metaverse, as well as its building blocks. In addition, they can also learn about the potential benefits of this technology, including ways to improve recruitment, training, and team building.

The next session will focus on the post-pandemic revolution in frontline work and how HR leaders can overcome the talent war for frontline and management roles. Join Will Eadie, Chief Revenue Officer, WorkJam, as he shares trends and insights on building on siloless, engaging employee experience (EX) for the frontline by unlocking scheduling, training and learning, task management, and employee communications together in this session titled Boosting the Frontline Boosts the Business.

Russell Flint, Senior Manager of Commercial Partnerships, O.C. Tanner, will discuss the importance of integrated EX for a hybrid workplace. The session, titled How Integrated Employee Recognition Can Help You Win the Battle for Talent, will shed insights on how organisations have used recognition to boost employee engagement and productivity, and how attendees can do the same in their own organisations.

On day one of the HR Tech Stage, the final session will be presented by Dr Fermin A. Diez, Adjunct Professor of Human Resources at the National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University. In this session titled The Future of Rewards – How to Ensure Your Reward Strategies Match Your Future Workforce Plans, Dr Diez will lead a discussion on how organisations can enhance their rewards strategies to meet the evolving needs of the workforce. With traditional reward structure potentially becoming ineffective, Dr Diez will explore new models and frameworks for rewards that align with the changing nature of work and the expectations of employees.

Day two of the HR Tech Stage will commence with a presentation titled Let Internal Mobility Be Your Best Talent Investment by Christina Tan, Founder and Director of Sales Symphony. She will highlight the importance of internal mobility in retaining in-house talent, share personal stories of her internal mobility experience, and emphasise the need for organisations to identify and protect their talents by grooming them for both lateral and vertical mobility. 

The next presentation, Salesforce Formula of Engagement and Development: Learning and Growth Opportunities for Every Employee, will explore how organisations can build an engaging workplace that offers learning and growth opportunities to employees. Join Nick Huang, Director, General Manager of Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, goFluent; and Max Yawata, Director, Talent Experience, Salesforce; as they provide insights and advice on how HR professionals can build a workplace culture that prioritises engagement and development. Attendees to this session can also expect to walk away with a better understanding of the importance of employee engagement and the steps they can take to create a workplace culture that fosters growth, development, and success.

Koljit Singh, HR Director, Asia-Pacific, Flexsys, will be up next at the HR Tech Theatre to present Generative AI for HR – Doing More with Less. This session will explore the potential benefits and limitations of using generative AI to automate various HR tasks, and Koljit will share his insights and experience in using generative AI for HR tasks to provide advice on how to use this technology more effectively and responsibly.

In addition to Koljit’s presentation on generative AI, Bala Murali, Business Consultant, Androgogic Singapore, will also be speaking on this topic at the HR Tech Stage. His session, titled How Generative AI is Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Learning and Workforce Development, will delve into how AI is accelerating the digital transformation of learning and workforce development. During the session, Murali will explore how generative AI is opening new possibilities for how learning happens in the workplace, unlocking the potential for a better overall learner journey and experience.

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The topic on recruitment will be addressed by Chew Siew Mee, Managing Director, JobStreet Singapore, in her session titled What Jobseekers Wish Employers Knew: Unlock the Future of Recruitment. With talent being a top priority business challenge in the post-pandemic world, understanding evolving candidate preferences is crucial to winning the war for talent. During the session, Chew will provide insights from jobseekers on how employment has changed and what employers can do to keep up and meet the demands.

Rony Ambrose Gobilee, Chief Strategy and Programme Officer, Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp), will lead the next session titled Bridging the Skills Gap in the Era of IR4.0 and Beyond. Gobilee will highlight the importance of continuous learning and professional development in today’s rapidly evolving job market and discuss the challenges of bridging the skills gap and how technologies enhance the upskilling and reskilling of employees, such as online learning platforms and the usage of AI.

The last session at the HR Tech Stage will feature Razman bin Radzi, Group Chief Human Capital Officer of FGV Holdings, and Research Fellow of the National Human Resource Centre (NHRC), who will discuss Work from Anywhere: How Technology is Changing the Ways Organisations Work. He will highlight how technology has revolutionised the way organisations work, and the challenges and issues associated with adapting to this new way of working.

In addition to the sessions, the HR Tech Stage will also host presentations by Axonify, Darwinbox and IBM. To find out more, click here to register for HR Tech Festival Asia 2023 and find out how you can lead the HR transformation in your organisation.