Elevating human capital development in Malaysia

Through the National Training Index (NTI), Malaysia's workforce development will be better evaluated, and policies will be shaped accordingly.
By: | September 7, 2023

The National Training Index (NTI) has been officially launched in Malaysia, marking a pivotal moment in the nation’s human capital development. Led by the Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp), this initiative aims to establish a regional standard for training and development measurement.

Highlighting the significance of the NTI, V. Sivakumar, Malaysia’s Minister of Human Resources, emphasised the initiative’s role in strengthening the country’s human capital efforts, and stressed the critical importance of the dynamic and adaptable local workforce in the era of globalisation and the industrial revolution.

The NTI’s primary objective is to evaluate training activity across diverse industries and streamline the measurement of training effectiveness. This data will inform policy decisions and shape the future direction of Malaysia’s workforce development.

He said, “Inclusive measures are vital enablers in establishing a quality local workforce. These qualities are crucial elements of the Malaysia Madani spirit. Continuous collaboration between the public and private sectors, education institutions and the community are key to establishing an ecosystem that nurtures local talent.”

The NTI, seen as a roadmap for formulating and implementing a sustainable workforce strategic plan, offers a framework for evaluating training development capacity and employer dedication in Malaysia. Sivakumar expressed optimism about the NTI’s potential to revolutionise the training and development landscape, thereby accelerating economic growth and ensuring futureproofing of the nation’s economy.

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Datuk Shahul Dawood, Chief Executive of HRD Corp, underlined the value of reskilling and upskilling, particularly evident during the pandemic. These efforts, he said, have enabled Malaysians to explore new career opportunities and weather job losses.

The inaugural NTI Report for 2022 assessed 81,706 organisations encompassing over 4.3 million employees across various sectors. Malaysia received an overall rating of 0.70, placing it in the “Experienced” category, indicating a high level of proficiency in training-related aspects, reported New Straits Times