Five of the Best: HR Information Systems

HRM Asia presents five of the best HR Information Systems currently helping organisations administer HR processes, while keeping employees engaged.
By: | November 8, 2019

Five of the Best is a weekly series highlighting the best HR service providers across Singapore and the Southeast Asia region. It is brought to you by

There’s simply no way to overstate the value of a good HR Information System to any employing organisation. With some of the key touchpoints between staff, and across levels, it is the lifeblood of not just the HR team, but the entire organisation as a whole.

Of course, it needs to be functional. And for many years, this was the only consideration HR leaders had in choosing a system (or different modules) to implement. As long as the payroll was delivered on time and accurately, and expense claims were able to be examined, the system was said to be doing its job.

But these days, HR leaders are seeing the opportunities and risks within each technological solution they consider. They know that tech that isn’t fully embraced by the workforce can impact retention, which means user experience has become a vital point of difference.

Here are five of the best service providers in this category:


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When businesses are considering investing in a workforce or payroll solution, they’ll likely begin to think about cost-effectiveness, automation, and value creation. The driver to JuzTalent’s success by acquiring 50,000 users within three years has been due to understanding HR and complex payroll issues that every business will face in the different part of Southeast Asia.

JuzTalent was built by professionals with deep HR understanding. It is a one-of-a-kind HRMS focused on the user’s experience – from the effortless self-service onboarding to radius clock-in and clock-out, personalised payslips, and not forgetting management and leaders are sent light-hearted notifications to keep the whole claim and leave processes moving.

Furthermore, every client of JuzTalent is greeted with a realistic drawing of problem-solving and results based insights. Whether it be small or mid-sized businesses, JuzTalent is able to provide an overview connecting an organisation’s multiple entities operating under a single platform while they focus and grow with autonomy.


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Founded in 2004, BIPO’s Asia-Pacific Headquarters is in Singapore, with R&D Centres located in Singapore, Shanghai, Malaysia and Indonesia.

BIPO’s integrated, one-stop cloud and mobile-based HRMS platform helps businesses simplify and streamline HR processes.  From payroll, leave management, and claims to time and attendance management, each application is interrelated yet easily customised to help businesses scale-up their operations with ease.

Offering a great user-experience through its simple, user-friendly interface, BIPO’s award-winning time and attendance management system uses technology such as GPS, biometrics and iris scanners to support its clocking devices, allowing employees who are constantly on-the-move to stay agile and connected.

Compliant with local regulatory requirements across all the regions, BIPO’s HRMS platform is LHDN-certified (PCB – Monthly Tax Deduction Calculation) in Malaysia and in Singapore, adheres to CPF and IRA8 online submission requirements.


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In the last decade, the role of HRIS has shifted beyond just storing and tracking of employee data. In the new world of instant gratification and everything “on demand”, it is also about providing both employees and managers the information they need when they need it.

JustLogin’s shift from just an HRIS to a mobile-first, employee-centric app resonates with today’s progressive workforce which places employees in the centre of all HR decisions. Through JustLogin‘s mobile application, each employee gets a personalised mobile dashboard to manage all their pay, leave and attendance matters, giving them access no matter where they are. Managers can also manage their teams’ calendars and approval tasks though the mobile app.

With over 20 years of deep expertise in the HR Cloud technology space, JustLogin continues to innovate to make working life better for all.

You can view a short video of JustLogin’s mobile app here.



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Ready Software provides a public cloud and private cloud HR Management System which includes Payroll and HR with employee/managers self-service capabilities. Users can access the systems from anywhere in the world. Ready Software is one of the leading providers of HR Management and Payroll systems. These systems are developed using the latest technology and ensures companies are in compliance with statutory requirements like CPF, IRAS and MOM.

Our corporate mission is to provide “Quality Software with Superior Service”. Security is top priority in our development and to ensure good security, we provide secured login. sends alerts whenever a user account is signed in. There is an audit trial which tracks who access and any changes made. Customise Screen, Letter Writer and Report Generator give users the flexibility to customise fields, letters and reports.

Ready HR Management System is a comprehensive payroll and human resource systems, comprises of e-Payroll/HR, e-PayAdvice, e-Leave, e-Claim, e-Form, e-Noticeboard and e-Import.



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TIMES SOFTWARE PTE LTD is a privately owned, home grown company incorporated in 1998. We specialize in development, consultation, marketing and support of our award winning TIMES HRIS, Payroll and a full suite of cloud enabled Human Resource Information System (HRIS) applications. In addition to our core business, we also provide Payroll and HR outsourcing and E-Portal Services.

Our mission had always been consistent which is to provide excellent products and services to cater to the needs of our clients regardless of industry. We always strife to provide the best features to ensure our products and services to maintain our standing as an industry leader. Our core products include but not limited to our TIMES Payroll, TIMES Payslip, TIMES Leave, TIMES Claim, TIMES Timesheet, TIMES Casual Labor, TIMES Appraisal, TIMES Training and other customized HRIS related solutions.