Generative AI can improve employee productivity, says Chinabank

The Filipino bank has launched CHIB GPT as a precursor to a broader set of generative AI initiatives it is looking to introduce.
By: | September 13, 2023

To raise awareness about generative AI and demonstrate its potential capabilities, Chinabank has introduced CHIB GPT, its first generative AI solution, to employees.

The launch of CHIB GPT, said Chinabank, also seeks to identify high-value, revenue-generating applications for this technology. Currently, employees can utilise CHIB GPT as an on-demand companion, enhancing productivity and efficiency in their daily tasks.

The unveiling of CHIB GPT serves as a precursor to a broader set of generative AI initiatives within the Filipino bank, which predominantly caters to the banking requirements of Chinese Filipino businesspeople. Delfin Jay Sabido IX, Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer for Chinabank, added, “We plan to employ more and more generative AI technologies to improve customer experience and bring more business value to the bank.”

CHIB GPT, powered by a large language model hosted within a secure sandbox environment, has access to Chinabank’s proprietary information. The technology specialises in content generation, search, summarisation, and analysis. It streamlines language-related tasks such as report writing, email composition, memo creation, article generation, and other content-related processes.

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Additionally, CHIB GPT can offer insights and suggestions for time management, workflow optimisation, personal development, decision-making, comprehension of complex topics, and even overcoming writer’s block.

Chinabank’s rollout strategy includes a plan to enhance employees’ awareness and appreciation of CHIB GPT. This includes the launch of a webinar series, roadshows, and focus group discussions. These engagements are poised to create an environment where employees are encouraged to utilise CHIB GPT within the ethical guidelines established for generative AI usage. The bank added that these guidelines will align with its stringent standards for security, privacy, compliance, and ethics, ensuring the bank’s preparedness to embrace an array of generative AI-based technologies.