Government to help SMEs get digitally equipped in Thailand

The Ministry of Commerce is providing assistance to SMEs to be digitally equipped to get through the pandemic.
By: | September 6, 2021

“SMEs play a vital role in driving the country’s economic activities. We have set up a Joint Steering Committee between the government and the private sectors to work together in assisting this group of workforces,” said deputy prime minister and commerce minister Jurin Laksanawisit during a business conference. 

He added the ministry has been working to help Thai SMEs get themselves equipped with the new normal of business operations, where many activities will be digitalised and happening online. 

SMEs must recognise that e-commerce platforms, innovation, technologies and intellectual properties are important components of the new normal, and learning how to effectively operate in the new business setting has become very essential, he said. 

Thailand currently has about 3 million SMEs which employ up to 12 million people or about 82% of the labour force. About half of those businesses are in tourism and related sectors which are some of the hardest-hit sectors by the pandemic, according to Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI). 

In addition, the commerce ministry has recently launched a programme to help the young generation become successful business owners and entrepreneurs. 

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The programme is run by the government bodies in cooperation with 93 local organisations such as academic institutions, colleges, universities and leading technology companies.  

The programme offers courses which cover all aspects of digital skills for building and expanding business in the future business landscape. The Ministry of Commerce aims to train 12,000 people in this programme, according to Xinhua.