Hiring the best talent and building global distributed workforces 

A new API solution from Remote streamlines HR processes for organisations across different regions and supports multiple workforce needs.
By: | September 6, 2023

Remote, an organisation that focuses on building, managing, and supporting global distributed workforces, has announced the availability of its first-to-market API solution in the Singapore market.

With more than half of Singapore SMEs and mid-market companies planning to hire 20%-30% of their remote workforce from other countries in the next 12-18 months, according to recent research by IDC sponsored by Remote, this move will be helpful for software partners to embed Remote’s global employment solution directly within their platforms.

This will give the companies they serve the ability to effortlessly hire employees globally, pay their teams in local currencies, all while remaining in line with local regulations, said Remote. Through a customisable integration on the digital platform, employers can support their customers’ workforce needs in multiple countries all within their own platform, enabling them to scale more efficiently. Employers can also use the Remote API to build custom integrations to securely sync their employee and contractor data between Remote and their HR tools of choice.  

“For modern companies, building a high-performance team requires an ability to acquire the best talent globally,” said Chris McNamara, Chief Revenue Officer at Remote. “The Remote API makes it possible for our partners to immediately offer their customers the ability to hire anywhere around the world.  We’ve meticulously built all the employment infrastructure and compliance knowledge so that our partners and their customers can simply plug in and focus on their core business”.

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The Remote API can be customised based on each organisation’s individual needs, from simple builds to existing processes such as managing annual leave; to a fully embedded, white-labeled solution to manage the entire global employment lifecycle directly from the partner’s platform. Click here to find out more about the Remote API.